Corona Virus and Tom Joyner Cruise

Being trapped aboard a ship with thousands of people as the new coronavirus spreads isn’t the Party cruise envisioned by most travelers, many of whom are delaying or canceling planned cruises at a time when bookings should be at their busiest.

Cruise Line are turning away potential travelers who have recently been in certain regions of Asia and Europe.

Ships and Ports are Denying any Passenger with Fevers and allowing passengers who are sick to get a refund.

Officials in the port of a few Carribian ports have denied the whole ship because a passenger showed flu-like symptom similar to Corona Virus

A Ship carrying over 6,000 people, was denied entry at permission to dock in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Georgetown, the Cayman Islands on Tuesday after it was reported that a crew member had flu-like systems.

Another cruise ship returning to the Dominican Republic after a 14-day tour was turned away Thursday because officials feared eight of those aboard, including two U.S. citizens, showed potential symptoms of the virus.

This is why I always recommend TRAVEL insurance  

Travel Insurance can refund your cruise because of uncontrollable events, and also provide you with help with medical emergencies. 

We haven’t heard any updates from the staff about the Virus, precations or plans as of yet, but as we reach out to them we will keep everyone updated. 

We pray everything runs smooth, but in this environment, some people are being cautious. 

Make sure to bring Clorox wipes, Lysol spray, Small bottle of 91% alcohol, hand sanitizer. 


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